Sunset Hydra

For Every Occasion


Sunset restaurant has been hosting parties and events for special occasions, way before the concept Venue has developed into an industry of its own. Friends and visitors who wanted to celebrate their lives’ milestones would find a friend in Antonis Rampias and the right person who would eagerly host their moments of bliss. Sunset restaurant is set upon an unparalleled spot of Hydra Island, awarded as one of the most unique experiences in the world, thus creating an amazing natural backdrop for all your events.
From small-scale events such as anniversary celebrations and corporate dinners, to full-blown wedding ceremonies and receptions with live music bands and dance floor to dance the night away, we will be your partner in crime from start to finish.

Sunset Hydra


romantic & dreamy

The most sought-after wedding venue in Hydra, Sunset restaurant has hosted and catered for countless of wedding receptions as well as civil and secular wedding ceremonies. With a capacity of 300 seated guests on a large terrace overlooking the sun setting on the Saronic sea, it is one of the largest venues on this tiny island. There are many different options to choose from and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our catering can be either buffet style or plated table service, we hold a wide range of wine labels from around the world, we provide you with a cocktail bar, even making you a personal signature cocktail, we provide you with music DJ and/or live music of your choice, and for any other professional request such as flower arrangements, etc, we have long lasting collaborators to recommend. In case of unforeseen weather conditions, the venue is fully covered for 120 guests. Last but not least, our gazebo has hosted many civil and secular weddings, making it an ideal, full-blown option for a dreamy wedding day timeline.

Sunset Hydra


professional & relaxed

Throughout the years, Hydra has demonstrated a growing appeal for accommodating small-scale conferences and corporate events that enhance team building. Everything on the island is at walking distance so having your invitees at a close range, at all times is practical and efficient. Team leaders who seek to enhance communication and team spirit within an organization or aim at building inter professional collaborations, often resort to destination travelling as a means to achieve that. Being in a relaxed state of mind, away from the working and urban environment loosens communication restraints and breaks down social conformities, enabling individuals to behave more like their genuine selves. The well-tuned team of Sunset restaurant can help you with great ideas on how to design a professional event, and the rest is up to us to deliver a successful lunch or dinner or even a party.

Sunset Hydra


Dance vibes

Whatever the season for celebration, from management to the entire staff, here at Sunset restaurant we are very experienced in catering for, servicing and hosting a great party and most of all, parties are what we love to organize. Thanks to the small size of Hydra, the island is ideal for accommodating groups of guests who have been invited for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, retirement or simply life itself! We provide you with all the necessary sound and light equipment, a DJ, perhaps a live band of your preference or a singer, a fully equipped cocktail bar and a great range of wines from our extended wine collection. Loud dance music is allowed until 3am so get ready for many hours of dancing the night away..!

Sunset Hydra

Special Events

Considerate & Thoughtful

Hydra is an island that carries so many memories from so many, countless visitors who have arrived and forgotten the rest of the world for a few days. These memories are precious and deserve only the maximum of attention and care. We are serving an iconic location topped with an authentic, seafood cuisine for your special occasion. A romantic engagement, a wedding anniversary, a coming-of-age celebration, a retirement party or whatever the reason you feel the need to celebrate, we will host and cater for your special event.