Sunset Hydra

Hydra island

Hydra, a small yet notorious Greek island of the Saronic Gulf, is a province of Attica prefecture, located only 69 km away from Piraeus port. The amphitheatrical harbor welcomes the visitor by giving him/her a strong, yet honest first impression of the island’s profile. Grey, stone houses and mansions with tiled roofs and large wooden windows, stacked on steep slopes and surrounding the narrow harbor, gaze upon the incoming visitor with conviction. Hydra is not selling itself short nor does it compromise for the sake of touristic demands. That is why it can confidently claim authenticity and timelessness as its signature features.

Sunset Restaurant has set its roots on the once arsenal of western barracks, hence the existence of cannons by the edge. The restaurant’s terrace faces the sea and the ships, cruisers and sailing yachts as they enter the harbor, giving away unforgettable views of God painted sunsets, of Dokos island and the shores of Peloponnese.

Sunset Hydra

Cosmopolitan Hydra

Hydra Island attracted growing attention after WWII, when Sophia Lauren starred in the first ever American movie shot in Greece, “Boy on Dolphin”, following the footsteps of the intellectual elite who started flocking in. The island’s authenticity and picturesque architectural character won more and more followers and loyal travelers, who reclaimed old abandoned mansions and gave them new life. Ever since, it is continually attracting international visitors and Athenian, long weekenders.  

Sunset Hydra

Monasteries & Churches

The Christian Orthodox Church played a tremendous role in the liberation of Greeks from The Turks. Visiting the churches and monasteries feels like visiting a living testimony of history. Start off your tour from the twin Monasteries of Saint Eupraxia and Prophet Elias, where some of the heroes of the Greek Revolution were imprisoned in 1825, amongst them, the Greek General Theodore Kolokotronis in 1825. Noteworthy are the monasteries of Saint Trinity, of Saint Matrona, of Saint Nikolaos, of Virgin Mary of Zoubra and the Church of dormition, with the Byzantine and Ecclesiastic Museum. Also, you have to visit the Churches of Hypapante and St. John the abstinent, with the wonderful wall paintings of the 18th century.  

Sunset Hydra

Museums and Sights

Visit the Manor of Lazaros Kountoyriotis, which houses a division of the National Historic Museum as well as the Museum of Byzantium Art and History and the Auditorium “Melina Merkouri”, which displays paintings of famous artists. Try also the Museum of History, which runs daily and has got important relics, archives and also a library. Finally, a very nice sight is the Bastions with the cannons that protected the city from the harbor’s edges.


So it happens to be one of these rare cases that it is absolutely impossible to miss our location or even have any difficulty in finding it. Simply walk along the harbor’s coastline heading towards the West and you will encounter Sunset – Salt & Senses restaurants just minutes away from the harbor’s center. Please do pop by anytime!