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Dine in Sunset

Mediterranean Cuisine

The outer seaside paradise, is a heaven of piece in the island, offering a calming atmoshpere that suits all moods, rendering it difficult to leave.
Surrounded by two hundred years of history, anyone can relax and enjoy a breath of calm tranquility , with a good glass of wine and a bliss on their plate.
Sunset's menu, using carefully sourced local ingredients, focuses on creating a link between simplicity and sophisticated authenticity, that will explode, revealing tastes that will remain unforgettable.
Freshly caught fish, are delivered on a daily basis from local fishermen, allowing one to taste the scent of the Saronic sea. Greek spirits, traditional spreads, refreshing salads, olive oil and many more parts of the Mediterranean cuisine, are brought to your plate, always with a personal twist.

Meet our corporate chefs

Executive Chef - George Gkoridis

Our Executive Chef has always had a passion for great food. His developing passion allowed him to build up his skills, having reached today the goal of consulting the most prestigious restaurants of the country. Showcasing techniques rooted in Greece, influenced by every corner of the country -but also his any trips- he has created a beautiful à la carte Mediterranean setting, that will not let you down. When he is not cooking, he loves spending time with his family and relaxing.

Chef - Michael Tseloridis

Coming from Nothern Greece, Chef Michael Tseloridis, has brought his own personal touch to our menu. He loves to work on testing and designing new recipes, while his imaginative dishes, cross over into many different styles. He has brought traditional homemade "grandma" recipes, from many generations ago, and adapted them to his own style, creating flavors that will bring memories to those who know, and teach those who don't. If you don't find him in the kitchen, we will probaby be watching his favorite football team.